Sitting with Eternity

Week 3- Sitting with Eternity

Sitting in my quiet place, I find a place of physical comfort.

The air is warm and gliding on my skin.  My body relaxes and gladly  surrenders to the gift of the stillness.  My breathing slows, my heart is calm-

For in a moment it is me,  just me.

My eyes close willingly to the sacred promise the heavens always deliver-


clarity for my purpose, clarity for eternal truths.

Sitting with Eternity

My closed eyes begin to see another view. For beyond the physical senses there is another realm.  A realm of quiet beauty, divine inspiration, and  description-less glory.

A  realm only populated by the angles.  A realm that is  literally powered by  love and gratitude.

My soul  is soaked.

I am no longer identified by my physical body.  I am no longer called by my earthly name.  I am eternal and I am connected to the Great I Am, the Creator, the Source.

My conscious  mind rests.  I only allow.  I only receive.  I only trust.

Splendid energies morph in and out of view.  The Creator’s light so generously given to make me a separate, feeling being-

the light that IS me-

is bathed in healing, refining, and liberalizing virtue.

The 15 minute alarm gently sounds.  But for me, there was no time, no judgements, no expectations.

For then, it was only me with eternity.


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10 thoughts on “Week 3- Sitting with Eternity

  1. marianmasterkey

    I really like your blog. All the weeks are fantastic. The third one take you to your destiny, like to your deep of subconscious mind. I think I can learn from you a lot. Hope to see more blogs from you. Marian

      1. masterkeymark

        That’s actually been the easiest. I’ve found that if I stare at a candle then my mind is focused on the flame. Of course, like anything, I want to get right to the good stuff and meditate on my perfect life. But I’ll do as the Master Key suggests each week.

  2. mwsmasterkey

    fantastic! :-) Seems like you can try to do the sit even longer:-) I can definetly recognize some of the experiences you’ve described, it is marvelous!! I now started to sit for at least 30 min at least once a day, and it all is just getting better and better.
    And remember- You are The Light, Love and The Infinite!

    1. Marlo Andersen

      Thank you! I sit for a VERY long time sometimes. In a church activity with my daughter, they asked what my favorite past time was, and I had to say it was meditating. It’s so refreshing, visinalry and inspirational!! My best to you!


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