Banana- banana hold

Week 22a- Let Go of Your Inner Monkey

What is your banana?  What do you hold too tightly?  So tightly that the very action of holding on is what keeps you from having it?

And what if there is actually something much BETTER for you than the banana itself?  And the stubbornness of the grip blinds you to seeing greater opportunities?

There is a fine line between tenacity and control freak.

Stop and ask yourself:

WHAT IS IT THAT I REALLY WANT?…. not in material possessions, or rank at work- but really  that which gives you true joy- the expression of your unique talents.

Look at the career you are currently in.  Are you excited and motivated?  Does time seem to slip away while doing it?  Do you feel you are fulfilling your Life’s Purpose (and you do have one) in your activities throughout the day?  Be honest.  Trust your instinct. The deepest part of you knows.

Finding your Life’s Purpose takes soul searching and much humility.  Only those willing to do the work on themselves find it.

This is where is gets real.

Are you holding on to something out of habit?  fear?  ego? pride? indulging in self-pity?  Are you holding on to the banana in the jar?

Banana- free inner monkey

When LETTING GO of the banana would either make it possible for you to actually HAVE the banana- by finding another way.  Or giving you the free hand to now grasp something else better for you- a new discovered talent or higher development of one already in motion.

Be willing to change course.  Be willing to not know everything.  Be curious.  Be willing to be surprised and allow things to look differently.

Be teachable.

Be patient.

Be happy now.

Just let go.






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6 thoughts on “Week 22a- Let Go of Your Inner Monkey

  1. Mary Spicer

    Beautiful Marlo!
    The Journey is in each moment, in Awareness and Choice, following our inner knowing as we are willing to listen deep.
    I’m grateful for YOU, and sharing this Journey with you.
    Your Bright Being inspires All!
    Big Hug!

  2. Debbie

    We’ve a few crazy weeks…realized my biggest banana is that I want this “Labor of Life” to happen today! But it’s a pursuit of a lifetime…and Pres. Monson says, “joy in the journey!”
    This has been throw in my face a few times in the past couple of weeks…remind me on our MMA calls?…Deb, Joy Now!
    Love you!


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