The Writing Angels

Week 17 a- The Writing Angels


I believe there are angels everywhere,  waiting to help us.

All we need to do is ASK… be patient… and listen.  The answer will always be perfect.

Have you ever wondered if there are angels there for you?

… I believe there are.

Woman in Deep Thought

A  thought, an idea, a reflection, a hope.

An awareness, a perception, a sense, a feel.

An angel’s glory to help you thrive.

To heal, to inspire, to comfort, to serve.

The Writing Angles Man

The Writing Angles – to inspire the Poet,

The Dancing Angels – to hearten the Performer.

The Science Angles – to spark the Expert.

The Healing Angels – to calm the Soul.

The Writing Angles Girl

Angels to write, angels to dance.

Angles to guide us in our righteous request.

Angels present to lift and to support.

Angels waiting … if we but ask.




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