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Week 15- Love

Love literally is the force that powers the Universe.

It makes the earth spin and gives us our breath.

Love is the force by which we were created.

Love 6

How love is understood is ultimately how we view others and ourselves.

Learning to love another, and yourself, for JUST BEING- 

for just existing-

without judgements-

brings to you peace, creativity, joy, intelligence, affluence, and the ability to live in the now.

Love 3

Love is a state of being.

Love is the Master Teacher’s greatest message- “…love one another; as I have loved you…” John 13:34

Love 7

Love dissolves all discord.

Evil thoughts, feelings and influences literally cannot reach you with unconditional love radiating from you.

Love 8

Think of a person- anyone, even a pet.

Close your eyes and pull the feeling of love up to your greatest capacity.

Love 10

Send that love out to the person.

Practice this with different people of all different relationship situations. Include people from your past.

Love 9

Notice what happens- your thoughts, impressions, feelings. Write them down.

Love 11

After doing this for a time, then practice RECEIVING love from others.

When you are ready, include love that you may have blocked or forgotten.  Notice any changes- how you deal with life stresses, your peace level, how creative ideas flow to you…

Love 1

Important: Do this exercise WITHOUT story of the relationship, thoughts of their identity, or judgements of their actions. Forgive if needed.

We learn from each other- different people teach us in different ways.  If you are willing to move through it, you will come out the other side.

I personally have seen powerful results in myself in doing this.  Miracles happen.


No malady, no sting, no wound…

Love without strings.

No expectations, no motive, no suspense…

Love without reliance.

No fear, no doubt, no scare…

Love without dominion.

No attachments, no beginning, no end.

Love without condition.

Love 5






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5 thoughts on “Week 15- Love

  1. Liane

    I LOVE your post about LOVE. I believe it is all about loving your life and yourself “love thy neighbor as yourself” we should never forget to love ourselves to be really capable to love other.

  2. Leanne Overlander

    Yes, one must love oneself before any success can happen, because one cannot truly have a positive mental attitude if there are any thoughts that are not loving of oneself. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Mary Spicer

    Love without strings.

    Love without reliance.

    Love without dominion.

    Love without condition.

    Thoughts to live by. You share the brightness of your Being everywhere. We are Blessed. Love on my friend, love on.


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