Week 13- Breaking the Glass

A DEEP PLACE OF COURAGE I am focusing to reach

A deep place TO SEE where TRUTH stands without question.

A place where the magic demands no REASON,


where mysteries and my PERSONAL DISCOVERIES thrive.

Taking COURAGE, I make contact TO SEE through the glass,

in all it’s glory -ANCIENT, PENETRATING TRUTH.

Glass  broken  window

I  tap the glass,

Gratefully, I  hear the splitting sound,

like the crunch of a heavy step on an icy lake- an opening, then a piercing gape.

Delivering to me a more proximate place.


TO SEE the whole TRUTH.

Dissolving the excuse that holds me captive between the SEEN AND UNSEEN-

and instead taking COURAGE to trust both  FAITH AND REASON.

Ultimately allowing myself TO SEE the TRUTH.

sit and think

Masterkeys 13:15 …”creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.”

I believe one should question everything, then not stop until the truth is found.

It takes courage to let go of old paradigms and allow yourself to be shown something new. It could turn your world upside down and life will never be the same.

Plunging deeper and deeper into my communication with God, I have found that the further I go into the unseen,  the deeper my relationships, the richer my experiences, and most importantly the greater my love for humanity.

Although trying at times,

worth any perceived risk.

glass 4


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6 thoughts on “Week 13- Breaking the Glass

  1. Debbie

    Breaking through that’s what’s happening! Thank you for sharing!
    I love the shattered glass we’re shedding and leaving trailing behind us in shards of glory!
    Merry Christmas & Mele Kalikimaka

  2. Lauri

    Love the analogy with the glass and breaking through. Also enjoyed the BrainyQuote. Thank you for sharing that and giving me a new visual for chipping away the old / breaking the glass and creating new good habits.


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