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Week 10- More of Me

A distant piece, a segment, a bit

Long since removed to a guarded place.

A barrier once created to relieve the load.

An arrangement for an allocated time.


Newly discovered for the reconnect.

Recovered, retrieved, reclaimed.

Providing a more powerful force for the DEFINITE AIM.

Providing MORE OF ME.

more of me post 3

I tried to write a couple of times before. Actually wanting to make it humorous this week  and not write in prose or poetry form ;)  My creative mind was staring back at me like a deer in head lights. So I had to put it down.

Then I had a powerful, life changing, spiritual experience of feeling an old, hurt, scared piece of me beckon to be returned.  “She” was young and stuck and ready to come back. I actually felt the shift.

I can already see that I have changed. I am THRILLED to start moving forward in my ambitions with more strength, more creativity, more vitality, and literally… MORE OF ME.




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9 thoughts on “Week 10- More of Me

  1. John D Laudenslager (@jonlaudenslager)

    Marlo, I am struck by your C.S. Lewis quote. Later inthe Master key Haanell suggest that we are not on this earth as a body with a spirit but a spirit with a body eternally tied to an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being. I thing they both said the same thing only different.

    This si a very personal piece. Kudos to you. It is lovely.


  2. Janet Andrews

    Your prose has so much more meaning after reading what you were struggling with…very powerful and beautifully expressed from my point of view. I really appreciate your literary gift.

  3. Marcia Underwood

    This is a time for rediscovery, is it not? We are unveiling the good, the not so good, and the beautiful!! (we have no ugly!!) Your poetry is music. Thank you for sharing your gift.


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