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worth the journeydoorajar

Week 17- Worth the Journey

A woman walked by a house.  It was pleasant and comfortable.  She walked in and saw a cozy room with a fire. The view was limited and the yard was tight, but it was convenient.  “This will do.” she smiled.  So, she stayed and stopped her journey.

Worth the Journeycottage

A second woman strode by.  She saw the first house – agreeable and cute, but she continued on to the next one. It was more grand than the first from the outside. And the inside bore its proof.

worth the journeypiano2

It had a large foyer, a grand piano, and a winding stair case.  The view was improved from the first house and the yard was large.  She felt a little smarter than the other woman having chosen this more spacious house. So, she stayed and stopped her journey.

worth the journeybighouse

A third woman passed by.  She saw the first house with its pretty shutters and small view. The first woman invited her in, but more curious than comfortable, she continued on.

Next she saw the large house with its fancy porches and higher view. The second woman encouraged her to join her. The rooms of this house promised luxury and benefits.

More curious than satisfied, the third woman was drawn to a third house at the end of the street.

It was sturdy, fresh and clean.  From the front, it looked plain and humble. However a sign hung  that read, “Home Sweet Home”.  Intrigued, the third woman began toward this house.

worth the journeyhomesweethome

Both the first and the second woman were concerned as she moved towards the third house. “Do not go there!  Look at it. It is far too simple.  There are no shutters or beautiful porch. The inside will be just as plain.  You will regret it. You will see.”

However, the third woman – more curious than fearful – approached the third house.  The first two women laughed and went into their houses to go about their business.

Using the Master Key, she cracked open the door. It opened to a long hall that continued back for over 150 feet. It appeared simple. A few others had been curious like her and opened the front door, but they saw little and turned away.

worth the journeyold door

More curious than she was discouraged, she continued through the long hall. At the back there was another door. She opened it.  In there was a massive library – books on every subject possible.  “Stay here”, she thought, “and I can learn everything there is to know about the world. I will be educated and independent.”

worth the journeylibrary

But more curious than she was convinced, she continued through the library.

At the end of the library, she found another door. Behind this door was a vast and spacious marbled area.  Many great philosophers roamed the area.

worth the journeymarble

“Stay here”, she thought, “and I will know the secrets of the Universe.”

But more curious than she was important, she continued through the colossal and tremendous marbled room.

After traveling for what seemed a full day, she got to the end of the white, marbled expanse. No door this time – it just  dropped off.

She hung her toes off the ledge.  Before her was just space. There were no floor, no ceiling, no walls.

A man was floating in the space, he invited her to step out into his waiting hand.

worth the journeyhand

More curious than she was frightened, she placed her foot onto the man’s outreached palm.  In the space she could understand knowledge greater than could be found in the books of the library, and mysteries grander than she could acquire in the marbled room.

An unexplainable object floated nearby. Touching the object gave her an instant recognition of something she had once before known – like being home again.

Unaware that the man had let go, she closed her eyes and began to float.  She no longer felt her body. No longer did she think of the houses, or the library or the marble room.

There was only her.

She was aware of only herself – Her True Self.

The soul that is unique – Her Soul.

The soul that was created with a grand purpose behind it.  The purpose that is uniquely hers alone.

worth the journeyeyesclosed

Bathing her cells in the memory of her true identity. She was finally home.

This was worth the journey.


Week 14- Finding Pennies

A friend, speaking of his personal journey, said how at one point in his life and now again, he is always finding pennies. Pennies are in his path constantly.


Was it weird luck or was it the Universe trying to tell him something? I wondered…


Very interestingly, following our conversation I started seeing pennies everywhere!!

coin blog

We both mused on the situation.  Were angels putting pennies in our way?  Coincidence?

I went to prayer and meditation on the seemingly small, but significant mysterious penny findings.

penny woman

My answer- The pennies are ALWAYS there, but we are now finding them because we have become OPEN to finding them.

Aha!!!  You find what you look for and believe in.



It is ALREADY THERE, WE JUST HAVE TO BE OPEN TO SEEING IT!    Our light, our unique gifts- shining as easily and effortlessly as my friend and I are finding and picking up pennies.

“I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

I am created by God in His image, which is “whole, perfect strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

penny woman 2

Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Find your true nature, trust and live by it and all of your life you will create the expression of the masterpiece that you are.


That is my prayer for me, for you.. for all of us.


P.S. Angels can still be the ones “putting” pennies in our path, but like anything else they show us- we will walk right by unless we are open to looking.




Week 11- Behind the Stage

For the last 2 years, I have been experiencing more and more what William Shakespeare meant when he  wrote :

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women are merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts.

The Spirit that is us- the us that is eternal, never dying- is the real us. And that part, with  feelings and intelligence, knows and recognizes truth and cannot be swayed by false concepts- is the part where the deepest things are happening beyond the subconscious.

man face

It is BACKSTAGE. In another place (realm even), where we are experiencing, growing, loving, giving, sharing and perfecting- interacting with each other on a spiritual level. Backstage is more real than the parts we play on the stage. That is the REAL US. No costumes, no lines, no timed entrances and exits, no cues. Backstage is constant, ETERNAL.

girl face

The STAGE (this mortal life) is where we choose to play day to day.  Are we a banker, a musician, an accountant, a dancer?  And more largely how do we choose to view circumstance? What opinions do we choose to adhere to?  What beliefs do we carry around with us?  Or what IDENTITY do we CHOOSE?

We can choose to play ANY PART on the stage. We can make the scenes, the drama, the finale- WHATEVER WE WANT!!


I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE.“- is reaching me at a level of being far beyond a goal. It is reaching me at my very purpose of being here on this stage, right now.

My grand purpose here on earth as a divine creation of God.

Everyday I am seeing, experiencing, touching, feeling a tiny piece of  the BACKSTAGE.  Making little tears in this 3 dimensional staged experience and seeing into the INFINITE!

What is YOUR stage creation and HOW DOES THAT SUPPORT who you REALLY ARE backstage?

 I KNOW that is something AMAZING!!!


Week 9- Secret Message

At your origin, is the SECRET MESSAGE.

The core, beyond the heart, the essence, your EXTREME CENTER.

The part uncolored from life’s experience,

independent and objective, unwavering and sure.

The part that is your DEEPEST WISDOM SELF.


Shared by none else is your ELEGANT DESIGN.

The masterpiece, tour de force, PERFECTION that is YOU.

The universe’s treasure, an irreplaceable trove,

a literal portion of the Divine!


The SECRET MESSAGE of your exclusive purpose, your lifework, your end.

Doubt and fear promise to produce a simulated counterfeit.

LOVE and FAITH reveal your extraordinary endowment.

All other labor is just a tool to reach the GRAND THING.

The TRUTH and immortality that is you.