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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience

When I entered the Master Keys, I was an energetic  person working hard towards following God and my heart.

I had drive. I had spirit. But I needed more- much more. I needed to re-train my brain out of old habits that did not serve.  I needed a comprehensive system that was proven to work at ALL ANGLES- in the deep recesses of the mind using both scientific and spiritual truths  (which are in fact, the same thing).

I am serious about my life and want all that is available. I want to find my purpose and give it away. I want to wake up every day and say, “God, use me.”

The Master Keys gave me SPECIFIC and EFFECTIVE brain-retraining tools; a deeply rich and intelligent environment in which to thrive; OUTSTANDING mentoring hitting both the mental and spiritual sides of a person with scientific evidence of  how it works; a community of like-minded and like-hearted people with which to mastermind; support for finding my dharma (Definite Major Purpose) and a host of other things that would take too long to list here.

The overall experience was that of how to get CLEAR ON TRUE PRINCIPLES (that we all actually already KNOW, but have become buried in the stress and worries of life) and how to LIVE AND APPLY them- every day with PURPOSE AND RESULTS.

Through following the Master Keys, I DISCOVERED (and I was earnestly searching!) my life’s #1 priority  talent and activity to best achieve all my endeavors to fulfill my purpose on earth.  That is not an exaggeration.
If you implement the Master Keys with honest spiritual and mental effort, you will reap a very large harvest. This is scientifically proven- and there are people like me that are living proof.

Doing the Master Keys is  like turning on a light switch in a room and suddenly seeing that you have been in the same room for years- not realizing it was dim.




Week 16- Listen for the “Ehhhh”

“Ehhh”  doesn’t make a sound- it is only felt.

“Ehhh” can be subtle, elusive and slippery.  Transient and barely tangible.

It escapes the preoccupied or unbending mind.

Or “Ehhh” can be barefaced.  It can pronounce itself in a glaring, indisputable shock wave.


“Ehhh” tells us something is “off”.

It is part of our inner guidance system to inspire us to look in another direction, to choose another way.

Mistakes, regrets, and disharmony result in not listening to it.

Joy, success and peace is the reward for heeding its rescuing message.


It is given to everyone, but is witnessed only by those willing to acknowledge it-

Those who are willing to take the risk of a change, be it big or small create a future self who realizes their goals, dreams and beyond.


The times that prove the most difficult being when it “makes no sense”.

Am I crazy?


However,  if you take the time to stop and check for an “ehhh” you WILL find your direction, your path, and ultimately be led to your grand purpose.

Have you had any “ehhh’s” lately?


Colorful Eye Emotioanl View

Week 6- Emotional View

Resolute… firm… bold.

Calm… serene… poetic.

Consumed… drained… old.

Energetic… adventurous… kinetic.


Faithful… sincere… open.

Trusting… undoubting… believed.

Rushed… overwhelmed… coping.

Grateful… thankful… relieved.


Focused… grounded… direct.

Warm… giving… extending.

Tired.. concerned… protect.

Pliable… teachable… bending..


Colorful Eye Emotioanl View


Transparent to me. I SEE  the  inevitable susceptibility  of  the human soul.

Discreet on the surface, but alive inside.  I  share the harvest of my private inner work.

Honestly TANGIBLE, I invite those vibes. For they increase  my vitality.

Each is an inspiration for my benefit.  Never counted as good or bad,  just accepted for what it teaches.

I take an EMOTIONAL VIEW of my journey towards  my highest potential.

I welcome the changes. For today I am not the same. Never will I repeat an old day.

Yesterday served as gift to shape today.  I bow to my Creator for  tomorrow will shape the next.