Shock Waves 2

Week 7- Shock Waves

shock waves

Shock waves reaching my mind,

my body taking keen notice.

A new enchanting vibration saturates my cells,

my personal universe expands.

I am finding myself wanting a BREAK from the pace!! but at he same time craving more speed.

At the anticipated tipping point,  am falling forward fast.

Overwhelmed by the effects, I automatically stretch forward.

But why so emotional?  Why so stirred?  Meditation reveals it  to me-

reveals a bit more of ME to ME.

DEEPENED connections with my mind and spirit with the source of my origin.

Instructed to LET GO and receive, accomplished as small billows.

FORGIVENESS expanding, as if  EVERY human interaction I’ve EVER had is systematically brought forward.

God granting me larger opportunities to increase the capacity.

Charity in my heart practiced each day.

INTENSELY beautiful feeling…

I gladly surrender.



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19 thoughts on “Week 7- Shock Waves

  1. masterkeymatt

    Beautiful, remarkable, amazing…
    “I am finding myself wanting a BREAK from the pace!! but at he same time craving more speed.” You have put into words what keeps me going. I think the pace is fast but I know that there is going to something amazing at the finish line.

  2. debarnell

    WOW…so well said! I love the same quote Matt shared in the above comment! I’m craving the speed, but the old subby still tries to tell me I need a break…I want NO breaks in creating my breathtaking and wonderful existence!

  3. mwsmasterkey

    Wonderful! Forgiveness is truly important! But the most important thing is to forgive your Self, when it is done (really done, nothing left there except love) then everyone else will get forgiveness effortlessly :-)
    Bless you!

  4. Dennis Andrews

    Greetings Marlo… Like Matt, I was caught up in the line “wanting a break, at the same time wanting the process to speed up!” Kind of like the when learning to ride a bike. That first time when balance is tenuous and you suddenly realize that your flying along for the first time. You have the dual feelings of exhilaration and terror at the same time….great post and I love your page!


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