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Lisa Ling interviews “Personal Path”  enthusiast Marlo Andersen.

by Brian Clem

I have been following Marlo Andersen for a couple of years now. Her work is engaging and hauntingly honest. If you are not familiar with Andersen and what she is doing, you may have missed Late Night with Jay Leno last Thursday,  or have never seen her New York Times Best Sellers books, “Path to Freedom” or “Follow the Little Blue Light”.   She is the CEO of Marlo Andersen LLC  and has branded herself as a healer of  body ,mind and soul.

Ling became interested in interviewing Andersen when she saw her speak at a conference for natural health.  Ling was intrigued when she heard Andersen speak of health being more than just physical, but that true health includes mental and spiritual health. And that they are all intrinsically connected.

Ling took a vacation to meet with Personal Path expert, Marlo Andersen at her beach house on Oahu. I was invited to tag along.

We arrived with a warm welcome, she had a banquet of healthy food awaiting us and of course, her signature hug and inviting smile.  We all felt like royalty,  in the sense that were not our past, nor our  future. We were just perfect in the here and now.  I heard the bustle and busyness from her large family moving through the house.  It was a fun and free place to be.

She wouldn’t let Ling begin the interview until we she had asked us all about us.  The air was perfect and it was still early, so Andersen invited us outside for a walk on her favorite beach.  There she talked to us about our lives. How we got to where we are and how we feel about it.  She asked us about our families, our passions, our fears, our hopes…I personally had never felt so in tune to myself.  That walk was a very moving experience.

The three of us stopped to sit on a bench in the shade. Under a palm tree over looking the ocean, the salt air was refreshing and my body gladly settled in.  Ling began with asking what led Andersen to helping people find true health. The answer was simple, but unexpected when she answered that she was led there like a thirsty person is led to water.  She went to on to say that each and everyone of us is born from Divine perfection and that we all have a job here to do. It is her goal to help as many as would like to know find what that unique mission is.  To uncover that, we must create an environment in which to find it. That means to dismiss physical, mental and spiritual “rivals” as she coins it.

Ling went on to ask how you “dismiss the rivals”.  Andersen answered that you it is a combination giving attention to all three (for full detailed interview click this link…..) through nutrition, plant sourced medicine, good habits and meditation.

Andersen has also built a  large business in natural health with the use of essential oils (click here for more information..).  She says that anytime you put your body in a place to heal itself, you know you are on the right track.

Ling asked her for any last minute advice and Andersen left us with this, ” Feel , believe and act in only that which brings you closer to your physical, mental and spiritual goals.  Do this everyday and you are on your Path to Freedom.”

The sun was going down and Andersen made a funny request- Could we all jump and show our joy to remember this day.  That’s me on the left…3 people jumping on beach


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2 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Dennis Bell

    Your Press Release is ingenious Marlo! I love how it’s put together. The jump is a great, freeing exercise. I think I’ll borrow that. (no pictures please ;-D) Your DMP shines through. Some day I hope to visit you there in Oahu. All the best to you!


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