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Week 16- Listen for the “Ehhhh”

“Ehhh”  doesn’t make a sound- it is only felt.

“Ehhh” can be subtle, elusive and slippery.  Transient and barely tangible.

It escapes the preoccupied or unbending mind.

Or “Ehhh” can be barefaced.  It can pronounce itself in a glaring, indisputable shock wave.


“Ehhh” tells us something is “off”.

It is part of our inner guidance system to inspire us to look in another direction, to choose another way.

Mistakes, regrets, and disharmony result in not listening to it.

Joy, success and peace is the reward for heeding its rescuing message.


It is given to everyone, but is witnessed only by those willing to acknowledge it-

Those who are willing to take the risk of a change, be it big or small create a future self who realizes their goals, dreams and beyond.


The times that prove the most difficult being when it “makes no sense”.

Am I crazy?


However,  if you take the time to stop and check for an “ehhh” you WILL find your direction, your path, and ultimately be led to your grand purpose.

Have you had any “ehhh’s” lately?


Love 2

Week 15- Love

Love literally is the force that powers the Universe.

It makes the earth spin and gives us our breath.

Love is the force by which we were created.

Love 6

How love is understood is ultimately how we view others and ourselves.

Learning to love another, and yourself, for JUST BEING- 

for just existing-

without judgements-

brings to you peace, creativity, joy, intelligence, affluence, and the ability to live in the now.

Love 3

Love is a state of being.

Love is the Master Teacher’s greatest message- “…love one another; as I have loved you…” John 13:34

Love 7

Love dissolves all discord.

Evil thoughts, feelings and influences literally cannot reach you with unconditional love radiating from you.

Love 8

Think of a person- anyone, even a pet.

Close your eyes and pull the feeling of love up to your greatest capacity.

Love 10

Send that love out to the person.

Practice this with different people of all different relationship situations. Include people from your past.

Love 9

Notice what happens- your thoughts, impressions, feelings. Write them down.

Love 11

After doing this for a time, then practice RECEIVING love from others.

When you are ready, include love that you may have blocked or forgotten.  Notice any changes- how you deal with life stresses, your peace level, how creative ideas flow to you…

Love 1

Important: Do this exercise WITHOUT story of the relationship, thoughts of their identity, or judgements of their actions. Forgive if needed.

We learn from each other- different people teach us in different ways.  If you are willing to move through it, you will come out the other side.

I personally have seen powerful results in myself in doing this.  Miracles happen.


No malady, no sting, no wound…

Love without strings.

No expectations, no motive, no suspense…

Love without reliance.

No fear, no doubt, no scare…

Love without dominion.

No attachments, no beginning, no end.

Love without condition.

Love 5







Week 14- Finding Pennies

A friend, speaking of his personal journey, said how at one point in his life and now again, he is always finding pennies. Pennies are in his path constantly.


Was it weird luck or was it the Universe trying to tell him something? I wondered…


Very interestingly, following our conversation I started seeing pennies everywhere!!

coin blog

We both mused on the situation.  Were angels putting pennies in our way?  Coincidence?

I went to prayer and meditation on the seemingly small, but significant mysterious penny findings.

penny woman

My answer- The pennies are ALWAYS there, but we are now finding them because we have become OPEN to finding them.

Aha!!!  You find what you look for and believe in.



It is ALREADY THERE, WE JUST HAVE TO BE OPEN TO SEEING IT!    Our light, our unique gifts- shining as easily and effortlessly as my friend and I are finding and picking up pennies.

“I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

I am created by God in His image, which is “whole, perfect strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

penny woman 2

Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Find your true nature, trust and live by it and all of your life you will create the expression of the masterpiece that you are.


That is my prayer for me, for you.. for all of us.


P.S. Angels can still be the ones “putting” pennies in our path, but like anything else they show us- we will walk right by unless we are open to looking.




Week 13- Breaking the Glass

A DEEP PLACE OF COURAGE I am focusing to reach

A deep place TO SEE where TRUTH stands without question.

A place where the magic demands no REASON,


where mysteries and my PERSONAL DISCOVERIES thrive.

Taking COURAGE, I make contact TO SEE through the glass,

in all it’s glory -ANCIENT, PENETRATING TRUTH.

Glass  broken  window

I  tap the glass,

Gratefully, I  hear the splitting sound,

like the crunch of a heavy step on an icy lake- an opening, then a piercing gape.

Delivering to me a more proximate place.


TO SEE the whole TRUTH.

Dissolving the excuse that holds me captive between the SEEN AND UNSEEN-

and instead taking COURAGE to trust both  FAITH AND REASON.

Ultimately allowing myself TO SEE the TRUTH.

sit and think

Masterkeys 13:15 …”creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.”

I believe one should question everything, then not stop until the truth is found.

It takes courage to let go of old paradigms and allow yourself to be shown something new. It could turn your world upside down and life will never be the same.

Plunging deeper and deeper into my communication with God, I have found that the further I go into the unseen,  the deeper my relationships, the richer my experiences, and most importantly the greater my love for humanity.

Although trying at times,

worth any perceived risk.

glass 4


ballet 2

Week 12- Soul Connections

A flickering memory, a forgotten FEELING

Moments covered by time.

A dusty box shined and REOPENED

At first only the essence, then slowly taking form

DIVINELY ESCORTED to the surface to serve your grand design.

Once past, but NOW immediate

Before finished, NOW just beginning

Clearly recognizing the LESSON TO BE GAINED- the significance before unknown

What is sublimely and eternally CONNECTED in SPIRIT,  is often only brief in physical terms.

A SOUL CONNECTION-  an old friend, a GIFT.


We all have key people that come in and out of our lives that teach us vital lessons we need to learn about ourselves. The roles they play vary greatly, but the impact is always perfect.

My lesson finally gained this week wasn’t easy to go through , but is gratefully received.  I added to my Definite Major Purpose- let the FULLNESS and truth of who I really am shine.

Sounds simple, but the LEVEL of the lesson is profound. I am harnessing key moments, reliving them in my heart and mind in full color and full emotion- then taking the risk and letting my soul shine out.

ballet 3


Week 11- Behind the Stage

For the last 2 years, I have been experiencing more and more what William Shakespeare meant when he  wrote :

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women are merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts.

The Spirit that is us- the us that is eternal, never dying- is the real us. And that part, with  feelings and intelligence, knows and recognizes truth and cannot be swayed by false concepts- is the part where the deepest things are happening beyond the subconscious.

man face

It is BACKSTAGE. In another place (realm even), where we are experiencing, growing, loving, giving, sharing and perfecting- interacting with each other on a spiritual level. Backstage is more real than the parts we play on the stage. That is the REAL US. No costumes, no lines, no timed entrances and exits, no cues. Backstage is constant, ETERNAL.

girl face

The STAGE (this mortal life) is where we choose to play day to day.  Are we a banker, a musician, an accountant, a dancer?  And more largely how do we choose to view circumstance? What opinions do we choose to adhere to?  What beliefs do we carry around with us?  Or what IDENTITY do we CHOOSE?

We can choose to play ANY PART on the stage. We can make the scenes, the drama, the finale- WHATEVER WE WANT!!


I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE.“- is reaching me at a level of being far beyond a goal. It is reaching me at my very purpose of being here on this stage, right now.

My grand purpose here on earth as a divine creation of God.

Everyday I am seeing, experiencing, touching, feeling a tiny piece of  the BACKSTAGE.  Making little tears in this 3 dimensional staged experience and seeing into the INFINITE!

What is YOUR stage creation and HOW DOES THAT SUPPORT who you REALLY ARE backstage?

 I KNOW that is something AMAZING!!!

more of me post 2

Week 10- More of Me

A distant piece, a segment, a bit

Long since removed to a guarded place.

A barrier once created to relieve the load.

An arrangement for an allocated time.


Newly discovered for the reconnect.

Recovered, retrieved, reclaimed.

Providing a more powerful force for the DEFINITE AIM.

Providing MORE OF ME.

more of me post 3

I tried to write a couple of times before. Actually wanting to make it humorous this week  and not write in prose or poetry form ;)  My creative mind was staring back at me like a deer in head lights. So I had to put it down.

Then I had a powerful, life changing, spiritual experience of feeling an old, hurt, scared piece of me beckon to be returned.  “She” was young and stuck and ready to come back. I actually felt the shift.

I can already see that I have changed. I am THRILLED to start moving forward in my ambitions with more strength, more creativity, more vitality, and literally… MORE OF ME.





Week 9a- Feeling Within

I have been on an earnest pursuit to peeling back the superimposed layers of years of unknowingly allowing my my true feelings, my true thoughts, my true Self to be masked. Not wanting to “make a mistake”- not wanting to be hurt if someone else misunderstands where I am coming from and ultimately rejects the idea (or me).

For much of my life I didn’t even know how I felt! I lived primarily in my head, even though I am considered artistic, warm,  out-outgoing and approachable.  That led to my inability to communicate my most deep feelings, to myself or anyone else.  In our first year of marriage, my ever-patient and loving husband would sit with me for 4 hours to help me be able to say one sentence of what was going on inside.  It humbles me to think of that.


The Masterkeys,  deep meditation, spiritual path work, and LETTING GO has led me to personal revelations and the understanding of universal truths past anything I thought possible.  My entire paradigm will never be the same. I will never be the same.  I yearn for even more!

This is officially the most personal thing I have written. This kind of conversation once reserved for only the closest of friends. I think that reveals to me my progress.


I encourage you to read the from the article/ link below as quantum physics is an insatiably intoxicating topic.

“The FEELING WITHIN is the most powerful as it is how we truly come to know ourselves. Something within us allows an inner evolution to become possible. Something within us pushes for growth; something within us broke free of the order to disorder cycle. Something within us allows a physical body to feel an intangible realm. When we get in touch with that FEELING WITHIN we have access to such a creative force that suddenly all doors open and anything becomes possible. It’s not as simple as focusing the mind on a desired outcome, it requires the focus of the entire being and a heartfelt commitment to walk a path of love and trust.

“… In essence the path of fear versus the path of love...”





Week 9- Secret Message

At your origin, is the SECRET MESSAGE.

The core, beyond the heart, the essence, your EXTREME CENTER.

The part uncolored from life’s experience,

independent and objective, unwavering and sure.

The part that is your DEEPEST WISDOM SELF.


Shared by none else is your ELEGANT DESIGN.

The masterpiece, tour de force, PERFECTION that is YOU.

The universe’s treasure, an irreplaceable trove,

a literal portion of the Divine!


The SECRET MESSAGE of your exclusive purpose, your lifework, your end.

Doubt and fear promise to produce a simulated counterfeit.

LOVE and FAITH reveal your extraordinary endowment.

All other labor is just a tool to reach the GRAND THING.

The TRUTH and immortality that is you.




Week 8- Compass, not the Clock


A measured illusion-  exclusively linear to the mind,

Perceived as unbroken, unswerving, and relentlessly continuous.

The CLOCK- ultimately complying to our expectation of sparsity-

is accelerated and deficient to serve those who make the greatest demand.

The promise of lack is always fulfilled. Too little, too fast- escaping the grasp.

A CHASED MIRAGE, an elusive thief.



Forgiving and fulfilling,  immortal and true .

Providing the handler with privileged enlightenment to guide the best path.

The COMPASS-  a beacon for the soul to serve his Divine Mission.

Delighting the child by the dote of the mother’s hug.

Standing still for the lovers finding eternity in a glance.

The promise of success,  LIMITLESS DELIVERER of peace.