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Master Key Experience

Master Key Experience

When I entered the Master Keys, I was an energetic  person working hard towards following God and my heart.

I had drive. I had spirit. But I needed more- much more. I needed to re-train my brain out of old habits that did not serve.  I needed a comprehensive system that was proven to work at ALL ANGLES- in the deep recesses of the mind using both scientific and spiritual truths  (which are in fact, the same thing).

I am serious about my life and want all that is available. I want to find my purpose and give it away. I want to wake up every day and say, “God, use me.”

The Master Keys gave me SPECIFIC and EFFECTIVE brain-retraining tools; a deeply rich and intelligent environment in which to thrive; OUTSTANDING mentoring hitting both the mental and spiritual sides of a person with scientific evidence of  how it works; a community of like-minded and like-hearted people with which to mastermind; support for finding my dharma (Definite Major Purpose) and a host of other things that would take too long to list here.

The overall experience was that of how to get CLEAR ON TRUE PRINCIPLES (that we all actually already KNOW, but have become buried in the stress and worries of life) and how to LIVE AND APPLY them- every day with PURPOSE AND RESULTS.

Through following the Master Keys, I DISCOVERED (and I was earnestly searching!) my life’s #1 priority  talent and activity to best achieve all my endeavors to fulfill my purpose on earth.  That is not an exaggeration.
If you implement the Master Keys with honest spiritual and mental effort, you will reap a very large harvest. This is scientifically proven- and there are people like me that are living proof.

Doing the Master Keys is  like turning on a light switch in a room and suddenly seeing that you have been in the same room for years- not realizing it was dim.




Week 23- The Real Thing!

“Creative thought requires attention, and the power of attention is, as we have found, the weapon of the Super-man.   Attention develops concentration, and concentration develops Spiritual Power, and Spiritual Power is the mightiest force in existence.”

-The Masterkeys System Part 23, Charles F. Haanel

Creative Thought

I had the most beautiful and powerful experience while driving one day seeing the side walks, the roads, the curbing,  the buildings, the planned order of the trees, even the business signs.

The world was no longer seen by my eyes as tangible.  For in each of these physical objects, I saw far beyond the very  object itself.

I saw the creativity, or the attention, concentration and Spiritual Power, of each human being IN the physical things around me.

Black Man Smiling

I felt as if I were in heaven itself. I clearly saw and deeply felt, in awe and in tears,  the sheer beauty of the souls who created these tangible things.

Natural looking young man

The Spirits, thoughts and intentions of the people- that was the REAL THING !!! …  The curbing and the buildings were the temporary fake stuff!

smiling woman

I saw God in every soul,  literally.

“…Spirit is the Real Thing, the Whole Thing, and … Matter is but plastic stuff, which Spirit is able to create, mold, manipulate, and fashion to its will.  Spirituality is the most “practical” thing in the world– the only and absolutely “practical” thing there is!”  -Charles F. Haanel

The world will never look the same to me again.




Banana- banana hold

Week 22a- Let Go of Your Inner Monkey

What is your banana?  What do you hold too tightly?  So tightly that the very action of holding on is what keeps you from having it?

And what if there is actually something much BETTER for you than the banana itself?  And the stubbornness of the grip blinds you to seeing greater opportunities?

There is a fine line between tenacity and control freak.

Stop and ask yourself:

WHAT IS IT THAT I REALLY WANT?…. not in material possessions, or rank at work- but really  that which gives you true joy- the expression of your unique talents.

Look at the career you are currently in.  Are you excited and motivated?  Does time seem to slip away while doing it?  Do you feel you are fulfilling your Life’s Purpose (and you do have one) in your activities throughout the day?  Be honest.  Trust your instinct. The deepest part of you knows.

Finding your Life’s Purpose takes soul searching and much humility.  Only those willing to do the work on themselves find it.

This is where is gets real.

Are you holding on to something out of habit?  fear?  ego? pride? indulging in self-pity?  Are you holding on to the banana in the jar?

Banana- free inner monkey

When LETTING GO of the banana would either make it possible for you to actually HAVE the banana- by finding another way.  Or giving you the free hand to now grasp something else better for you- a new discovered talent or higher development of one already in motion.

Be willing to change course.  Be willing to not know everything.  Be curious.  Be willing to be surprised and allow things to look differently.

Be teachable.

Be patient.

Be happy now.

Just let go.






Unworthiness- gift smaller

Week 22- The Gift of Unworthiness

Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness are emotions most of us wish to avoid.

However, what if these feelings were actually a GIFT?

What if we could transmute these feelings into something positive, and use them as magnificent TOOLS?


AND what if there was something wonderful in us that gave us those feelings?

I for instance, had a ground breaking experience with this this week.  I have seen an obvious pattern in my life of PILING too much on my plate.  I say, “Ya, I can do that!  Bring it on! I want that!”  Then I feel a bit of UNWORTHINESS for not being able to get it all accomplished.

So how can I use unworthiness as a tool to advance my Definite Major Purpose in life?

My Masterkeys lesson?…

1. Overfilling your plate is ego driven (and I thought I was just high energy and ambitious…wink) and a DISTRACTION to avoid finding your purpose… ahhhhh -the very thing I am working for- ironic.

unworthiness plate

2.We ARE worthy of having anything we want , just not worthy of having everything we want. What??  Yes!! Life is just not long enough for everything that looks good.

So what does a Red personality like me do about it?

3.  ACCEPT that everything that is not part of my Definite Major Purpose is NOT MINE….hmmm- that’s a big one.

4. USE THE EMOTION OF UNWORTHINESS and transmute it to HUMILITY.  Then have the humility to know what I should do in life and let go of the rest- another big one.

Unworthiness- let go

Seems simple, but when it is real and experiential-  you are digging deep.

I am grateful to have learned this week through the Masterkeys.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!!

One more little nugget:

Guilt shows you have a moral compass. It is also is a gift to show us that we already KNOW what to do- we just not doing it. Pray and ask “What am I afraid of?”

make it rain- girl

Week 21- Make It Rain!

Many people travel far off to enroll in the Talent School.  At Talent School, each student discovers a new magical talent.  Everyone there is special.

Alora opens her hands to reveal colorful butterflies.  Peter can speak to all the lovely creatures in the land.  Hans can see in clear, glorious detail for miles away.

Make it rain- butterfly

Everyone is amazing… everyone but Priscilla.  All she could do was whistle.

“I don’t belong here,” she said to herself.

So she just sat quietly, all to herself in Talent Class and never made a sound.  She never whistled- not even one little blow.

Then one day Priscilla approached the Head Instructor of at the Talent School, Miss Bee.  Miss Bee was fascinating.  She could bend her body every which way and dance any dance.

make it rain dancer

“I don’t belong here,” Priscilla told Miss Bee, “I am leaving Talent School.”

“Just show me your talent and you will see you belong here as much as anyone else.” said the beautiful and very bendy Miss Bee.

“All I can do is whistle…” she thought.  But not wanting to be rude,  Priscilla let out a little whistle.  It was smooth as butter and had a nice ring.  She let out another, and this time it vibrated a more lovely tone.

make it rain- whistle

She tried a third time, and much more boldly.

And with this last whistle an amazing thing happened- the whistle incited the sun to send out a warm burst!

make it rain- sun

Then she thought, what of the rain?  Thinking of rain and letting out a whistle, droplets poured softly down for a moment.


What of a pleasant breeze?  – yes, her whistle invited the wind to freshen the faces of  everyone in the land.

make it rain- breeze

Yes, Priscilla DOES belong there…

and so do you.

Dare to take a trip and enroll in Talent School… and you shall see.



Dot and Speck

Week 20- The Dot and the Speck

Way far off in Yala-kazot,

there was a small circle and inside a dot.

The dot danced around, but soon she felt bored

with nothing to conquer, and nothing explored.


With all of her courage and all of her might

she pushed out the circle no matter the fight.

The circle grew larger and more exciting each day.

The fresh air made her strong and happy to play.

Dot and Speck Happy

But, way far off in Yala-kazeck

there was a small circle and inside a speck.

The speck danced around but never saw more.

She was content to never explore.


She stayed in her cramped circle and never looked out.

Never was curious what the world was about.

Her muscles grew weak and the circle stayed small.

The air became stale,  she found no joy at all.

Dot and Speck Unhappy

So what can we learn from the dot and the speck

from Yala-kazot and Yala-kazeck?

See, if we stay in our comfort and never go stretch.

We will die an old grumpy, or even a wretch.


But if we take courage and seek for more life,

Expand our circle and push through the strife.

We find joy in our mind, our soul and our heart.

Each breath is a blessing, and each day a new start!


I loved this week in the Masterkeys about a metaphor of staying in our comfort zone versus pushing our circle out.   If you take notice of those that are willing to get out of their comfort zone, they are invariably happier people from those that live in fear and play it “safe”.

The evidence is great when spending time with an older person.  Senior living centers are great places to visit.  Are they positive and bright?  Or crabby and sour?  A few questions about their life will give you great insight as to how they lived their lives… as a dot or as a speck!






Magic and Miracles Green fairy

Week 19- Magic and Miracles

There once lived a shoemaker, humble and neat.

Each day he made shoes, for needy feet.

Each day he reached for the leather and glue.

Each day he made shoes and nothing was new.


A fairy breezed in, magnificent and bright.

She had golden wings that made their own light,

She had this thing, this feature, this mark.

But she had no feet…  and the difference was stark.


She had stubs that stopped where feet otherwise go,

No heels, no arches, no soles, not one toe.

She asked the cobbler to make her some boots,

So she could feign feet and the same attribute.


So the cobbler reached for the leather and glue.

He made the same boots that he already knew.

Like everyone else now, she matched their stride.

She stepped on the sidewalks with glee and false pride.


She no longer flew and her wings forgot flight.

They no longer shone with their natural light,.

She could no longer soar high to go up and see

the private MAGIC AND MIRACLES of her destiny.


She stayed in the fog, way down below

where the people with feet had no choice but to go.

Looking down, she thought and she saw her false feet.

She saw her limp wings and was tired and beat.


She had an idea – a whimsy, a spark.

She went to the cobbler to make her true mark.

She asked the cobbler to make her some wings.

He did and they were marvelous things.


So now instead of boots and the mirage to conform

She has two sets of wings, very much from the norm…

See, she put more wings where before she tried boots.

She ACCENTED HER GIFTS, her God-given loot.


She is the ONLY ONE with wings and the freedom to plan,

So she tries springs, or jets, as with no feet- SHE CAN!

Stubs are her fate, her purpose, her chance

to shine her TRUE LIGHT, and dance her own dance.



Heros Journey Quote

Week 18- The Hero’s Journey

What cyclic experience do  we ALL go through?  Shaping us into the people we are destined to be?

Molding our Spirits,

Quickening our Minds,

Strengthening our Resolve?

And what do we have in common with Harry Potter,  Katniss Everdeen, and Frodo?

It is what Joseph Campell coined The Hero’s Journey

5 Basic Steps:

Leaving the Mundane World-

The Hero is tired of his world and has no more desire to be there. In other words, LIFE BECOMES BORING, or a the very least mundane.  A sense of UN-fulfillment nags his soul and he begins looking for something more. “There MUST be more to life than this!”

Heros Journey Bored

Call to Adventure-

The Hero knows there is something out there and finds it. A new path is illuminated, excitement ensues!

Heros Journey Call Adventure

Crossing the Threshold-

Every Hero crosses the threshold and steps in to his new world.  Leaving the known, leaving the mundane and TAKING THE RISK!

Heros Journey Crossing Threshold

Path of Trials-

Learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, overcoming challenges, finding new and wiser mentors, meeting new people- this is the deep stuff.  The Hero is pulled and stretched in ways he never thought possible!  Bruises and bumps can happen along the way- but insignificant to the growth attained! Now THIS IS REALLY LIVING!

One grows in direct proportion to the amount of risk he or she is willing to make and the amount of work he or she is willing to put in.

Heros Journey Path of Trials

Master of Two Worlds-

The Hero has arrived! She steps back in to her old world, bringing new knowledge and wisdom for all.  Peace, strength, deeper happiness, higher sense of self and a step closer to her true identity.  The fruits of her labors are realized!

Heros Journey Master

Then, she takes a look and is ready for another round.



We are all our own Heroes… What is your story?

Heros Journey Master 2

The Writing Angels

Week 17 a- The Writing Angels


I believe there are angels everywhere,  waiting to help us.

All we need to do is ASK… be patient… and listen.  The answer will always be perfect.

Have you ever wondered if there are angels there for you?

… I believe there are.

Woman in Deep Thought

A  thought, an idea, a reflection, a hope.

An awareness, a perception, a sense, a feel.

An angel’s glory to help you thrive.

To heal, to inspire, to comfort, to serve.

The Writing Angles Man

The Writing Angles – to inspire the Poet,

The Dancing Angels – to hearten the Performer.

The Science Angles – to spark the Expert.

The Healing Angels – to calm the Soul.

The Writing Angles Girl

Angels to write, angels to dance.

Angles to guide us in our righteous request.

Angels present to lift and to support.

Angels waiting … if we but ask.




worth the journeydoorajar

Week 17- Worth the Journey

A woman walked by a house.  It was pleasant and comfortable.  She walked in and saw a cozy room with a fire. The view was limited and the yard was tight, but it was convenient.  “This will do.” she smiled.  So, she stayed and stopped her journey.

Worth the Journeycottage

A second woman strode by.  She saw the first house – agreeable and cute, but she continued on to the next one. It was more grand than the first from the outside. And the inside bore its proof.

worth the journeypiano2

It had a large foyer, a grand piano, and a winding stair case.  The view was improved from the first house and the yard was large.  She felt a little smarter than the other woman having chosen this more spacious house. So, she stayed and stopped her journey.

worth the journeybighouse

A third woman passed by.  She saw the first house with its pretty shutters and small view. The first woman invited her in, but more curious than comfortable, she continued on.

Next she saw the large house with its fancy porches and higher view. The second woman encouraged her to join her. The rooms of this house promised luxury and benefits.

More curious than satisfied, the third woman was drawn to a third house at the end of the street.

It was sturdy, fresh and clean.  From the front, it looked plain and humble. However a sign hung  that read, “Home Sweet Home”.  Intrigued, the third woman began toward this house.

worth the journeyhomesweethome

Both the first and the second woman were concerned as she moved towards the third house. “Do not go there!  Look at it. It is far too simple.  There are no shutters or beautiful porch. The inside will be just as plain.  You will regret it. You will see.”

However, the third woman – more curious than fearful – approached the third house.  The first two women laughed and went into their houses to go about their business.

Using the Master Key, she cracked open the door. It opened to a long hall that continued back for over 150 feet. It appeared simple. A few others had been curious like her and opened the front door, but they saw little and turned away.

worth the journeyold door

More curious than she was discouraged, she continued through the long hall. At the back there was another door. She opened it.  In there was a massive library – books on every subject possible.  “Stay here”, she thought, “and I can learn everything there is to know about the world. I will be educated and independent.”

worth the journeylibrary

But more curious than she was convinced, she continued through the library.

At the end of the library, she found another door. Behind this door was a vast and spacious marbled area.  Many great philosophers roamed the area.

worth the journeymarble

“Stay here”, she thought, “and I will know the secrets of the Universe.”

But more curious than she was important, she continued through the colossal and tremendous marbled room.

After traveling for what seemed a full day, she got to the end of the white, marbled expanse. No door this time – it just  dropped off.

She hung her toes off the ledge.  Before her was just space. There were no floor, no ceiling, no walls.

A man was floating in the space, he invited her to step out into his waiting hand.

worth the journeyhand

More curious than she was frightened, she placed her foot onto the man’s outreached palm.  In the space she could understand knowledge greater than could be found in the books of the library, and mysteries grander than she could acquire in the marbled room.

An unexplainable object floated nearby. Touching the object gave her an instant recognition of something she had once before known – like being home again.

Unaware that the man had let go, she closed her eyes and began to float.  She no longer felt her body. No longer did she think of the houses, or the library or the marble room.

There was only her.

She was aware of only herself – Her True Self.

The soul that is unique – Her Soul.

The soul that was created with a grand purpose behind it.  The purpose that is uniquely hers alone.

worth the journeyeyesclosed

Bathing her cells in the memory of her true identity. She was finally home.

This was worth the journey.