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Shock Waves 2

Week 7- Shock Waves

shock waves

Shock waves reaching my mind,

my body taking keen notice.

A new enchanting vibration saturates my cells,

my personal universe expands.

I am finding myself wanting a BREAK from the pace!! but at he same time craving more speed.

At the anticipated tipping point,  am falling forward fast.

Overwhelmed by the effects, I automatically stretch forward.

But why so emotional?  Why so stirred?  Meditation reveals it  to me-

reveals a bit more of ME to ME.

DEEPENED connections with my mind and spirit with the source of my origin.

Instructed to LET GO and receive, accomplished as small billows.

FORGIVENESS expanding, as if  EVERY human interaction I’ve EVER had is systematically brought forward.

God granting me larger opportunities to increase the capacity.

Charity in my heart practiced each day.

INTENSELY beautiful feeling…

I gladly surrender.



Colorful Eye Emotioanl View

Week 6- Emotional View

Resolute… firm… bold.

Calm… serene… poetic.

Consumed… drained… old.

Energetic… adventurous… kinetic.


Faithful… sincere… open.

Trusting… undoubting… believed.

Rushed… overwhelmed… coping.

Grateful… thankful… relieved.


Focused… grounded… direct.

Warm… giving… extending.

Tired.. concerned… protect.

Pliable… teachable… bending..


Colorful Eye Emotioanl View


Transparent to me. I SEE  the  inevitable susceptibility  of  the human soul.

Discreet on the surface, but alive inside.  I  share the harvest of my private inner work.

Honestly TANGIBLE, I invite those vibes. For they increase  my vitality.

Each is an inspiration for my benefit.  Never counted as good or bad,  just accepted for what it teaches.

I take an EMOTIONAL VIEW of my journey towards  my highest potential.

I welcome the changes. For today I am not the same. Never will I repeat an old day.

Yesterday served as gift to shape today.  I bow to my Creator for  tomorrow will shape the next.





Week 5- A New Key


I sense the magic ensuing.  Behaviors not the norm.

Singing in a new key, yet my throat still  feels the old form.

Dual Thought the governing coach.  I trust the channels grease.

Words repeating, repeating, repeating. Emotion  is the  guiding piece.

Elated for the tiny triumphs, and undaunted by the cost.

I read, feel and believe  knowing that in time… the old will be LOST!


This week I have felt my old blueprint trying to arch is head and make noise. However, I have so much faith that this will work,, that I keep reading. meditating, etc.  Then magically, I  find myself in a new behavior that is PROOF to me that it is beginning to work!! Really work!!!




Sounds of Fire

Week 4- Sounds of Fire


A small buzz between my teeth, savoring each word like a priceless life-saving nutrient.

Each repeated syllable echoes forward to a new future.

Faith is the pathfinder.

Diligence is the mechanism.

My confidence expands. Something invisible  is supporting me.

My voice, with its own intelligence, initiates the opening.  I feel a new energy pluck my vocal chords.

Coming now from a deeper place- coming from the “I” that cannot be seen, only felt.

The truth of the words are evidenced in the tangibility of the feeling.

The sounds rise organically, filling more and more space.

Emotion is now the driver relieving the mind of the task.

The words are no longer sounds,

but  now a burning fire!!



Sitting with Eternity

Week 3- Sitting with Eternity

Sitting in my quiet place, I find a place of physical comfort.

The air is warm and gliding on my skin.  My body relaxes and gladly  surrenders to the gift of the stillness.  My breathing slows, my heart is calm-

For in a moment it is me,  just me.

My eyes close willingly to the sacred promise the heavens always deliver-


clarity for my purpose, clarity for eternal truths.

Sitting with Eternity

My closed eyes begin to see another view. For beyond the physical senses there is another realm.  A realm of quiet beauty, divine inspiration, and  description-less glory.

A  realm only populated by the angles.  A realm that is  literally powered by  love and gratitude.

My soul  is soaked.

I am no longer identified by my physical body.  I am no longer called by my earthly name.  I am eternal and I am connected to the Great I Am, the Creator, the Source.

My conscious  mind rests.  I only allow.  I only receive.  I only trust.

Splendid energies morph in and out of view.  The Creator’s light so generously given to make me a separate, feeling being-

the light that IS me-

is bathed in healing, refining, and liberalizing virtue.

The 15 minute alarm gently sounds.  But for me, there was no time, no judgements, no expectations.

For then, it was only me with eternity.


Week 2- Groovy Dose of Rock Star

Do you have your Rock Star on?

That person…

that essence deep inside you

that is wailing to be heard. Drumming inside your head and won’t go away.  Leaving your ears ringing.  Showing you- in bright lights- what is just a wee bit off (or a lot off)  each time you don’t hit the chord right. The chord and vibration that is unique to you and ONLY YOU.

Yeah, that.

Do you have that on?

Do you know who she is?… and do you know how to find her? Does it scare the bejeebers out of  you to let her start singing?

Because once she does,  life really starts happening and you have to be ready to take success, take the applause, and stand on the stage that was built for you and ONLY YOU.

You have to be ready to take that groovy dose of Rock Star.

Those who have found their Rock Star have found their PPNs-  Personal Pivotal Needs. They took a quantum leap and stepped out of  the sycophant masses of the audience to listen to the vibration sounding  just for them.

Mark J. taught an astoundingly simple, yet profoundly effective method to find YOUR  PPNs- not what you think they “should” be or what your friends tell you they are so you are the most adorable-

but what they really are.

I am flabbergasted at how this method works. My PPNs are Legacy and Autonomy.

This week I have already seen, on a deep  level, how these play in my life!

Blue rectangles and index cards, Blue Print Builder, Scroll I, The Master Key, 15 minutes of stillness, the pursuit of Legacy and Autonomy, along with a kick’n Definite Major Purpose  (thank you, Brad Holliday) will give me (and you) that groovy dose of Rock Star-

beginning to taste it.



Week 1- Finding Enthusiasm

Where is enthusiasm found? I mean reeeaaal enthusiasm. Not the kind of impulsive roaring from the guy next to you at a Broncos game, or when a woman proudly shares her news of finding just the shoes she was looking for on 75% discount.

Nor do I mean the brand of surface passion that says,”I can do it!”… until there is enough disappointment or discouragement that one finally hears apathy yelling louder than verve.

I mean the vehemence that gets you out of bed on a morning when you had only 4 hours of sleep with darkness and bitter coldness blanketing the neighborhood and you know it will still take 30 minutes to scrape the ice off your car windows- yet all you see is greatness in the day ahead.  The driving eagerness that persists even after working 60 hours a week for the last 5 months and you have yet to see a paycheck or your most promising business associate tells you she “doesn’t think this is right for her anymore”- yet your spirit only sees this as a neutral event that is making room for a grander potential in the next winner who comes along.

I also mean the kind of enthusiasm that motivates you  when you have every material thing in the world  you could ever want, but feel this “thing” arousing your senses. Like a fire sweltering from  from inside you that is more powerful than you can describe, energizing you to embark on the impossible, even the grossly unfamiliar.

Where is this zest found and why do so few possess it?

It comes down to aligning your world within with a Definite Main Purpose that serves you, all others and the Divine Source that created the universe (known as God to many). Then choosing to cast away all negative thoughts and inviting only love for all of humanity to dominate your mind and heart.

My experience this week has been profound.  Each time I read my Definite Major Purpose, the Blue Print Builder, the Scroll and the rest of the material out loud (in my back yard) with gusto, FAITH, and belief, I feel something deep happening. It is like I can sense my subconscious mind and literally my DNA changing, morphing, and vibrating at a higher level. I KNOW this is working. I KNOW I am becoming more self-reliant. I KNOW I am stepping forward to becoming that person in the future I see in my mind.

The  concept of writing a Definite Major Purpose, reading it aloud along with other great subconscious mind  re-programmers is missed by the majority. If a soul is fortunate enough to come across this great secret, most lack the faith in its simplicity. They choose sloth, fear or cynicism- the enemies to success.

I anticipate with eagerness each day as I envision the success that is coming towards me. I DEMAND of myself to be zealous in my focus to attain my Definite Major Purpose in life. I refuse to have the optional future of looking back at a half-hearted attempt at life.

I choose faith and right action and I always keep my promises. (By the way, I love saying that- it’s genius).

My first blog post-oh yeah!

I have always loved writing content… well almost always.  I actually only started enjoying writing when I had a passion for what I writing.  I had started my own business…and yes, was I dedicated! I would sit for hours and days and weeks to get my website and  print material just right.

One of the bigger moments of my business life that  tested my determination came through writing.

I had spent my ENTIRE summer writing content for my new website- working on optimizing the site for SEO, making it flow, reaching my target audience to reflect my personal convictions about my service, etc. I had also spent A LOT of time on a mailing piece (also my first one ever)  and had partnered with another business in the piece. I paid a lot of money and had the mailer set to launch on a specific day.

I also had a huge 2 weeks at fair booths planed as a follow up and call to action from the mailer.  An open house to follow the booths was the last piece. All of this was set to launch and I needed my brand new website for all of this to be effective and look professional.

I had hired someone to program my new wordpress website. I sent him all of my content and the night before the mailers were to hit the homes…POOF-IT ALL DISAPPEARED. He claimed he had no idea of what I was talking about- he didn’t even understand what I meant by “content”.

My head spinning, my heart sinking, and all but seeing the galaxy imploding, I thought

1. I can run down the street with my arms flailing and scream insanity.

2. I could quit and say this is a sign from God.

3. I could sit down, now 11:00pm and start writing what took me all summer, all over again in one night.

I chose the 3rd option. That content may not have been as perfect and polished as the first, but it was fresh, real and raw and what I ended up using on that website for years to come.

It is currently 1:40 am. I am NOT a night person, have an early morning with my companies big convention  and here I am writing content for a blog that I may not even need.  I think this is showing me that this writing thing may be kinda my thing.

It’s late, I’m exhausted, but I can say- this is fresh, real and it’s REALLY raw.