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I hope you find this bio engaging and you walk away glad you stopped by.

Any motivation I pursue is fueled by the hope of uplifting myself and others.  I crave beauty, order, enlightenment, and the long-lasting.  I am God-centered and seek his communication to guide my pursuits.

I feel life is to be lived by constantly reaching for that which shapes you into your greatest potential.

I love ballet and modern dance.  I have danced and performed  all my life.  I have a  BA degree in modern dance, and have taught for over 22 years.  I led my own program, choreograph and wrote productions.  I am in my element in a dance studio or on a stage.

Because I seek God’s inspiration and am ambitious for learning and growth, I followed the call to sell my dance studio ( not without some struggle and waves of emotion) to pursue a new business in natural health and wellness.

I teach about essential oils and the power they have to improve your health. In doing this, I now interact and reach people all over the world.

I mentor and coach others that are with me in the business, helping them to reach their goals.

I am also a  trained  Life Coach, working as an Intuitive Mentor.

I have been married for over 22 years and am the mother of 5 children and am helping to raise a 6th.

I love yoga,  business, the beach, reading, music, art, writing, teaching, speaking,  travel and shoes.

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