Week 5- A New Key


I sense the magic ensuing.  Behaviors not the norm.

Singing in a new key, yet my throat still  feels the old form.

Dual Thought the governing coach.  I trust the channels grease.

Words repeating, repeating, repeating. Emotion  is the  guiding piece.

Elated for the tiny triumphs, and undaunted by the cost.

I read, feel and believe  knowing that in time… the old will be LOST!


This week I have felt my old blueprint trying to arch is head and make noise. However, I have so much faith that this will work,, that I keep reading. meditating, etc.  Then magically, I  find myself in a new behavior that is PROOF to me that it is beginning to work!! Really work!!!




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10 thoughts on “Week 5- A New Key

  1. masterkeymark

    It was a week where the old was definitely trying to impart it’s wisdom into our new thought patterns. I have found I can only have one thought at a time, so when the old comes calling, I don’t answer. Love your poems.


      1. masterkeyelicia

        Thanks Marlo xxoo. I have been imagining the happiness floating to me and in me. It’s really helping. I didn’t realise how alien happiness was to me but also how easy it is to feel happiness when you focus solely on it. xxoo


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